Elephant Rocks Pt. II

This gallery is of another run down to Elephant Rocks.  Though the R/C cars were brought, and much fun was had, I focused far less on Shooting the cars, and more on the scenery.  one of these days I need to go down there with just my camera.  An R/C truck, and a large camera bag of equipment becomes a little unwieldy.  There is some truly beautiful scenery around here, and I’d love to take more time going over it.  The pictures of the Turtles show that I have yet to completely grasp all of the settings of my camera.  (There is a lot of ISO noise going on there.  I need to start learning to prioritize ISO and sensor settings, so as to get a better picture over all.  Especially since I think dark venues are likely to take a lot of my attention anyways..

Later on, my friend John and I were driving home from Elephant Rocks, and we came across a Drive-In theater showing ‘Pacific Rim’.  Since we had both just seen this movie the day before in theaters, and thought it was amazing, we half dared, half goaded each other into agreeing to see it again.  While we were there, we saw a pristine Ford Galaxie 500.  Turns out it had recently been bought by a young couple who were also there to see Pacific Rim.  The end of this gallery is the result of a hurried shoot.  It was getting dark fast, and my meager skills definitely didn’t do the car any justice, but it was a beautiful car nonetheless, and I publish the pictures for everyone’s enjoyment.  I hope that couple get to see them, even though it was dark, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing just yet.