Holiday Flood – St Louis, 2015

This is my album of pics from the 2015 Holiday Flood near St Louis, MO.  (Mostly surrounding the Fenton, Barnhart, Imperial, Antonio, and Kimmswick areas.)  This is ‘Part 1’ of the series, ‘Part 2’ is Below in a separate gallery.  If you’re using the light box to view them in order, you will need to close the gallery, and open the other gallery to view them.  In the Second part of the Gallery, is the Anheuser Busch Memorial House.  You can see what it looked like before the flooding here.  That is a previous gallery of that same location.

I live meters away from where the flooding happened, and in fact, was on a temporary island for a little while, as I could not go anywhere but to town, which was partly under water as well.

And here is Part 2, which focuses mostly on the Barnhart, Kimmswick area.  Sadly (or fortunately), the water had massively receded by the next day, so there were far less shooting opportunities than I had hoped to get through.  In the end, that was a very good thing, but I’m sad I missed getting more on film.